Thursday, July 7

Country Candy

This is my husbands favorite snack, a fresh onion dipped in salt.

He calls it "Country Candy".

2011 07 05_1736

Even my son has grown to love them. The best benefit of eating lots of raw onion over the summer? No mosquito bites. The smell of onion off the skin deters them.2011 07 05_1737 Anyone else eat them this way?


  1. Miles is certainly a brave boy!

  2. What kind of onions are those? I'm intrigued with the mosquito deterent idea...

  3. Love that pic! Any offers on your house yet that is for sale? Lisarae

  4. Does it deter mommas too?

    I can smell my boys a mile away if they've been eating chives. :)


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