Friday, July 22

The Living Room

Kitty says welcome to the living room from her favorite spot. Right where she can keep an eye on everyone while napping in the sun streaming through the window.2011 07 12_2071 See, I'm here, someone pet me please. :)2011 07 12_2074The gallery wall. I decided not to remove the family photos from the shelves as I couldn't come up with something quick and cheap to replace them with. Since they are not seen until you have walked through most of the first floor, I don't think they are a distraction and no one has said anything.2011 07 12_2076This is our game cabinet, and the time-out chair. Although most of my children are getting to big to fit in it. :) 2011 07 12_2080I used an old ironing board behind the sofa to pull it off the wall, and to keep little fingers from pulling things off the shelves.  2011 07 12_2084Old suitcases form a side table. 2011 07 12_2078This table is another one of my unfinished projects. It is useful incomplete so it gets to stay. The two bibles were my grandparents. 2011 07 12_2083This little corner will remain unfinished. I had visions of a large stuffed chair, but I never found the perfect one. I also took down all the window treatments in preparation of replacing them and that's when we decided to sell.2011 07 12_2079Looking back toward the kitchen and the door to the laundry room and garage.Living Room with new Rug (4)


  1. I love it, your house is so pretty! I love that everything is creative, unique and functional all the while pleasing to the eye!

  2. Just found your blog yeaterday. Love your house! I must ask ,where did you get the rug in your living room? I need one just like it.:)

  3. Elisabeth, the rug is from Pottery Barn Outlet. I am not sure if it is still available in the catalog or not. Someone had returned it and so I got a great price.1


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