Tuesday, July 12

Tuesday Ten

Here is my list of top ten things for the week. I am enjoying participating in this as is is making me use my camera more and capturing the little things in life again.
1. My favorite cleaning tool. One that I use multiple times a day. Can't stand crumbs on my bare feet!2011 07 12_2040
2. Little girls who love to play with dolls, and pose for their momma for "just one more shot."2011 07 12_2060
3. Homemade pretzels for Friday lunches with Poppa.2011 07 05_1735
4. These four who were so excited to go swimming with their Poppa while I worked on some school planning.2011 07 12_2022
5. Cardboard Boxes. Need I say more? :)2011 07 12_2037
   6. Puzzles on hot summer afternoons.2011 07 12_2036
7. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that did not bake flat as pancakes. 2011 07 12_2026
8. A creek under the shade of trees on a hot day. 2011 07 12_1991
9. Children who love to play in creeks and crayfish hunt for hours.2011 07 12_2016
10. Perfect photo opportunities that I will treasure forever. Thanks to Melissa over at 320 Sycamore for the inspiration!2011 07 12_1979


  1. beautiful! LOVE that last shot!!!

  2. Great pictures! The cookies turned out perfect. I'm sure they didn't last long. The picture of Gwen in the box is so cute. Love the girls and their dolls and the swimsuit pictures.


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