Tuesday, July 19

Tuesday Ten



1. A special dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday. lamb chops, roasted potatoes, green beans, and carrot cake.

2011 07 19_2162 2. Starting on the last organizing project in the house. Hello scrapbook room, it is finally your turn.2011 07 19_2166 3. Cleaning out the truck, as we seem to live in it when we have lots of house showings.2011 07 19_2154 4. Pumpkin muffins for breakfast to make the house smell good for a prospective buyer.2011 07 19_2156 5. Closing the bridge into town, not a big deal unless you commute to work, like my husband. He now adds 10 to 20 minutes to his hour and a half of driving each way.2011 07 19_2097 6. A pony party for my favorite 7 year old!2011 07 19_2115 7. Water gun fights to cool off.2011 07 19_21038. Evening runs through the sprinkler to cool off. 2011 07 19_2104 9. Lego stories to pass hot afternoons. Are you noticing a trend? It's been hot here and getting hotter as the week goes by.2011 07 19_2094 10. Just when you think you got rid of everything you could... There is always more!2011 07 19_2095


  1. Such a fun summer! Fiona's cake is so adorable. You did such a good job on it. It will be so nice to have an organized scrapbook room.

  2. I LOVE it, these Tuesday Ten are FUN to do aren't they!!! (I"m SO thankful to see someone else's vehicle becomes a STUFF magnet!)

    Fiona's cake is GREAT

  3. Hi Bekki, the glimpse of your craft room organization looks fabulous! I really need to get mine back in check. I love the pony cake...incredible job. I am actually afraid to clean out our truck...it's that bad. I remember living in ours too when were moving..sometimes for hours at a time. Hope things are going well! Thanks so much for sharing your Tuesday {Ten} - Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn


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