Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday Ten



I almost didn't make it with a post this week. I have been suite busy cleaning and planning school!

1. Piles and piles of recycling and trash being removed from my scrapbook room!2011 07 26_21902. Brother and sister working together on a project.  2011 07 26_21923. Little girls who love to dress up!2011 07 26_22004. Hot enough to fry an egg? We tried but despite temperatures over 100 the asphalt was still not hot enough. 2011 07 26_21885. Eating Rita's while we had house showings on Sunday. 2011 07 26_21756. Little girls who are starting Kindergarten!  2011 07 26_21697. More piles of things being organized. I am determined to finish the entire project despite having to clean it up for house showings and then getting it all out again! It sure makes the process take a lot longer! 2011 07 26_22048. Sneak peek at my new organization system. Love this and how functional it is! I hope to be done with the space later this week.  2011 07 26_2174  9. New school books!2011 07 26_217110. School planning, with erasable pens! I love these things, they make scheduling so easy and I can color code with them!2011 07 26_2173


  1. where is your schedule book from and do you like it?? I'm currently in the "market" for a new scheduling system.

  2. I hope you share your organizational system. I need some help in that department! I'm slowly moving around my house too. Though I'm not nearly as crafty or have the eye for design that you do. Love seeing your home.


  3. Bekki, I just noticed, did Gwennie cook her horse? It looks like she just took it out of the oven!


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