Thursday, July 21

The Kitchen

This is the view looking out of the dining room into the hall. I thought this shot gave a good idea of how the kitchen is tucked behind the corner. This is one of my favorite aspects of this house. you can not see the kitchen from the front door! All the mess is in the more private spaces. :)

2011 07 12_2061

Looking into the Kitchen from the dining room.

2011 07 12_2062

The breakfast nook.

2011 07 12_2063

Another view looking back towards the hall way.

2011 07 12_2065

This apple crate shelf unit holds my i-pod, cookbooks and some enamel ware.

2011 07 12_2092

A broom is not just functional it can be beautiful too!

2011 07 12_2091

The working area of the kitchen.

2011 07 12_2069

The cooking area. I am left handed so this works great for me.

2011 07 12_2068

Looking into the kitchen from the living room.  

2011 07 12_2066


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