Monday, June 6

It's Official!

 2011 06 06_1475 Our house went on the market 2 weeks ago! We have had three showings so far, in this market things are slow, but we are hopeful. In order to sell our house we did a few things here and there to spruce it up. I worked for 6 weeks non-stop painting, cleaning, and de-cluttering. At that point I was averaging 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. So for the past two weeks I have been resting and cooking. It is so much easier keeping a house clean than it is getting it ready to sell!
I thought it would be fun to share each part of my house and what I or in some cases my husband did to get the house ready. I can honestly say it has never looked so good. :)
2011 06 06_1464 Let's start with the front yard. Everyone knows curb appeal is important and first impressions are vital. We hired a landscaping company to finish up the stone wall, mulch, and add some bushes to the front and side yard. This is so much better than the weed patch we were cultivating before. Our original plans were to terrace the side with cold frames.
2011 06 06_1466 I repainted the front door a nice bright red, washed the siding and the glass in the fixtures. My husband finished up the front walk and we added the house number on the right. I bought those numbers 5 years ago when we first moved in. We do get around to finishing projects eventually. :) I also added the planters on either side of the door and a new welcome mat. 2011 06 06_1475The planter between the garage doors is a peach tree we grew from a seed in our compost pile. I wanted to make sure we could take it with us so we moved it before the sign went in the yard.
2011 06 06_1462 One of the things I have wanted to do this move is make it as smooth a transition as possible. We have moved many times before and I have learned something new each time. I went through everything in our house and got rid of thousands of things that do need and don't need to take with us. I redid the filing system to make it easier to find important papers. I cooked 4 months worth of meals so we don't have to eat out when things are hectic. I plan to share this as I take you on my little house tour. So stay tuned for the next stop as I welcome you into our home.


  1. It looks great Bekki, funny how things work. All the things that you wanted to do are finished and then you move. See you soon.

  2. Do you have some meals to spare? Things are hectic around here : ) The house looks great, hope you sell soon!


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