Sunday, June 12

The Foyer

Welcome to our home! I finally dug through my photo chaos archives to find a picture of when we first moved in. You can see the boring builder beige on the walls and our mess. :) Moving In (7)This is what it looks like now. We painted the foyer last year and I have slowly added pieces of furniture that fit our needs. During my great house purge this space needed little work. I just touched up the walls and changed some of the accessories. This is standing at the front door looking in. The black dresser holds all of our hats, scarves, mittens, summer hats, swim goggles, and grocery bags. I love that I don't have to change out for the season. Everything has it's place. Even the cat has a drawer for her brush and leash.
2011 06 12_1575 
Can a foyer be a favorite room? This is what sold me on this house layout, I love the open foyer and all the light it lets in. The children play in this space as much as anywhere else in the house. It's the perfect airplane launch, or hot wheels race way. Here you can see the big window above the door. I have some old shutters I was going to hang up there, but they are now coming with me.  2011 06 12_1578
I LOVE the chandelier, it has been so easy to clean since it doesn't have any glass. If I could take it with me I could.
2011 06 12_1579This is standing in the corner behind the door. You can see me in the mirror. :) The white cabinet is empty, except for two drawers. One holds flashlights and the other my husbands keys. 2011 06 12_1581Again, standing at the front door looking up. The pink cabinet is one of my projects. Someday I will get it painted! Right now the bottom holds water jugs and water bottles, for those times we need them. The top holds some of our old books and hymnals. I have nothing on the walls going up the stairs. That was to be this years project.2011 06 12_1582 I took these photos as we were leaving right before a showing. That should explain why it is so clean.  I had just mopped the floors, so they really shine. Now four days later and they need to be cleaned again. sigh. I took a little break from keeping it clean to spend the day with my parents yesterday. They stopped by on their way to Vermont. It was nice to visit with them and I can't wait until they return for a couple of days on their way home next week. In the meantime I need to get some projects done before my Mom does them for me!


  1. That is the kind of chandelier I need; you are right! I really love that one. Did it come with the house or did you buy it later?

  2. just beautiful, I can't wait to see all the amazing things you do with your new home! :)


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