Tuesday, June 28

The music room

Or the very first room you see when opening the front door. The room I always keep clean, so it makes me feel like the rest of the house is not imploding in from chaos. It get's the morning sun, is the smallest room on the first floor, and the most popular for hanging out it.

2011 06 12_1581When we first moved in this room was empty. We had come from a small house to one twice the size. Almost everything in this room is from a yard sale, a family heirloom, or handmade. I found the rug at Pottery Barn outlet for 350.00, it is an 8x10 and I still remember the first day we laid it down. I was so excited to cut down on the echo noise an empty room creates!

The clock is from my grandparent's home. It graced their mantel and chimed on the hour. The painting on the wall was done by my husband's grandmother.2011 06 17_1617  My grandfather made this lamp and when he passed away my mother brought it to me.2011 06 17_1609This little sewing machine tucked inside the cabinet still works and someday my girls will use it. I have plans to refinish the cabinet and bench. I did the cross stitch when I was in high school .2011 06 17_1614 This table is also from my grandparents. 2011 06 17_1618The little chair from my husband's Aunt. I love using things in my home that bring back memories or have a story behind them. 2011 06 17_1616


  1. I love this room. It makes me want to sit in there and read, especially with how light and bright it looks!


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