Friday, June 17


Last week we had strawberries from our own yard. So many that we made a batch of jam, a batch of syrup, and a batch of strawberry lemonade concentrate. I figured we picked about 20 quarts and that doesn't count the large amounts that disappeared into our stomachs. The children ate so many that they were getting tummy aches from all the fresh fruit.
2011 06 06_1479 I was so excited because I really thought we wouldn't have any since I hadn't taken care of them in the fall. With all the rain they were plump and juicy. Although they were hard to pick because there were no rows. I have since learned the value rows for ease of picking.2011 06 17_1621 2011 06 06_1456This is the first time I have made syrup. It was very easy to do and I processed 14 half-pints. I plan to use it to flavor our teas and slushies over the coming months. I suppose it would be good over pancakes also, I just prefer maple syrup. I also plan to make up a batch of strawberry lemonade concentrate, but we had a house showing last night so I had to clean up instead of making a bigger mess. Hopefully I'll get to that today. 2011 06 17_1607

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