Tuesday, June 14

Canning Fail

Anyone ever had a canning fail?  Well, I have had many, from breaking jars, to jam not setting in the decades I have been canning. So many things can go wrong. But this one tops them all. I made my pickles to spicy. Yes, all 24 pints of  dill pickles. I was so excited that my pickles were actually crispy. This is something I have been working on for a while. Then I bit into one. Ouch! 2011 06 12_1572 I finally had my Mom through them out when she visited. I just couldn't do it. After all I worked hard to make them last season, despite the fact that they burn your throat going down. Even my husband couldn't take them, vinegar and spice do not mix! This is my great Grandmother's pickle recipe and apparently I misread the directions, even though I have made them before.2011 06 12_1573Lesson learned. So sad.

But I will have crispy tasty dill pickles one year.

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