Monday, July 27

A tea party and girly things

Fiona turned 5 on July 16th. In honor of her big day we had a tea party! Everyone dressed in their finest, even the rather reluctant brothers.

Instead of games we all decorated straw hats with silk flowers. This was a big hit and so much fun!

We used the fine china and every girl took home a miniature tea pot with their initial on it.

I made Fiona a special dress that she picked out.

We served flower cupcakes instead of a cake as our "tea cakes" .

They were so easy and fun to make.

Her big present was a lovely porcelain tea set . Every day she has her afternoon snack with a cup of "tea".

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  1. What fun! Only thing missing is a picture of Gwen. I bet the boys enjoyed it more than they care to let on. either way they were good sports to dress up and I am sure Fiona had a wonderful day. Your cupcakes turned out perfectly and Fiona looks lovely in her special dress. Well Done Mama!


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