Tuesday, July 28

Garden Fresh

Our garden is doing very well this year for it being the first year in this soil. We have been getting lots of beans, onions, corn, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, and the tomatoes are just starting. Everyone loves to help pick whatever is out there each day. The corn was so good! It ended yesterday when we pulled the last ears off and had a corn feast. I think if we let them the boys would eat corn all day. Nothing tastes better than fresh from the garden. Fiona's favorite are the beans, she will even go to pick some for a snack. We did put up 15 quarts and froze about 4 pounds of beans. It's not nearly enough for the winter but it will help! We are all ready planning expansions to get more in next year. It has been so good to have a garden again.


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  1. Lovely garden pics! I especially like the ones of the kids in the corn......but where is Gwen? I didn't get corn planted this year....I kept waiting on Paul to get my beds finished and time got away from me. I do plan on having corn next year though. Our weather is mild enough here that I am expecting one last planting of beans before the garden is done. Paul pulled the last of my onions day before yesterday. Thanks for sharing pictures....I love seeing other people's gardens.


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