Thursday, July 23

Gone to long

I've been gone to long. It's really only been 2 weeks but it feels like its been at least a year. How can so much happen is such a short amount of time?

David's interview went well and we are waiting to hear back. He has another one on Monday. Only time will tell, but boy is is stressful! Please pray that he can get some sleep! He always has trouble sleeping when there is so much to mull over. No matter where we end up I will be glad when the decision is made!

I have been busy with the house and garden, two birthdays and family visits. I have lots of photos to share and I think I will put them up in individual posts so as not to overwhelm everyone!

So to start off here is what I have been doing around the house. I finally painted the front room and hung the rest of the curtains. It turned out lovely... except for the blue sofa, still trying to replace that thing! It may be comfortable but it just does NOT go! The photos are not that great, this room is so hard to photograph with all the windows and a camera that does not work well anymore. I still want to re matte the art above the couch, get some slipcovers for the chairs, and finds an old bench for the coffee table. I'm thinking about doing tie backs on the curtains also.

This photo shows the color a little bit better. It's called marzipan and is a very muted green. It works well with the hallway color and the yellow in the kitchen as you can see all three at once. I filled the apothecary jars with a birds nest and pine cones and hung a recent photo of the children.I will be replacing the bookshelf shortly as this one is going back home to my parents house. I found one at a yard sale for 10.00, it just needs a coat of paint. There is always something, I just can't stop, I love decorating so much and find it to be very relaxing.
In the family room I added quite a bit of decor after a very successful yard sale weekend. Between two sales and 40.00 I picked up 5 old ironing boards, an old sewing box, a pickle jar, cigar box, some old linens, an unusual shaped picture frame, a lovely old lamp that still works, and some vintage kitchen gadgets. Not bad at all!
I love the ironing board behind the sofa. The children were always running back there and knocking pictures off the walls. This has solved that problem and it looks nice too. I will add some greenery back there to soften the hard surfaces.

I also painted the side table and end table that I picked up at previous sales. This had been a fantastic year! I still have a few things I want to do but it is coming together nicely and I love hanging out in there now. We play all of our board games in here and usually you can find us reading on the big sofa all snuggled together. Even this picture is old. I'll have to go take another one with the lamps and the coffee table I traded with my Mom. Instead of shopping my own house I've been shopping hers. :)

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  1. Everything looks wonderful! You have such an eye for decor. I love your style. The linen hanging on your clothesline is lovely.....Isn't it great to be able to hang it out and enjoy the fresh scent when you take it off the line and fold it? I am so glad to see you back. The pics of the girls are adorable. I love the one of Gwen spinning. You need to do a LO with these.


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