Wednesday, July 29

The day I met my future

July 23, 1996, its just an ordinary day, off for the summer from classes before my Junior year. Home in Blacksburg hanging out with friends, working in the library, and taking care of my responsibilites for Church. A friend and I decide to get together on that hot Tuesday and take in a 75cent movie. I don't remember what was playing, I think it had Steve Martin in it, it didn't matter we went every Tuesday and always sat in the same seats. Only this time they were taken. Now this is a small town, people know where you sit, we made a point of commenting and sat down right behind him. As we waitied for the movie to start, my friend and I chatted about our days and the children I had babysat recently. Knowing he was listening to our conversation didn't stop us from keeping our voices at a normal level, after all we were still miffed at him for taking our seats. Then he turned around and asked us if we went to Blacksburg Christian Fellowship. He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Yes, he had been listening well and actually knew who we were chatting about! You see he had been going to the same church, but I didn't know because I was in the nursery working during the service he attended. Small town for sure! The movie started and all I saw were blue eyes under a baseball cap. I left that theatre and told my friend I was going to marry him someday, she didn't laugh and just sait "you know I think you just might". As I got into my car this song was playing on the radio. Everytime I hear it it brings me back to this moment. The moment I met my future.
Chances are I'll see you somewhere in my dreams tonight....

The movie theatre is long since gone, turned into an office complex, the trees have grown, and everything has changed, but I married that man with the bluest eyes I'd ever seen And as they say the rest is history.


  1. Awe...that was awesome!
    something about the eyes...felt the exact same way when I met Tony!!!

    sweet post.

  2. What a wonderful post! Thanks so much.


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