Saturday, May 1

Yard Sales!!

Finally the season has begun here! It seems like I have been waiting forever for the sales to start and seeing everyone else’s finds in blog land was NOT helping. :)
We grabed apples and granola bars to eat in teh car and off we went. My two litle shoppers were quite excited to come along. They love yard sales!
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I met with a friend and our first stop was a sale advertising Bitty Baby things. I paid 14.00 for these items. Matching Bitty Baby dresses, and a Disney princess gown for my Fiona.
Then we went to a couple of neighborhood sales. At one I picked up a stack of games and books for 10.00
At another this beautiful painted shutter from a local building.
And here are the rest of the finds, a blue Ball jar of old buttons, lots of milk glass for my dining room hutch, a stoneware pitcher, little pot, 4 luncheon plates, Southern Living holiday hangers, and some old milk bottles for my empty holder.
It looks like the season is off to a good start!


  1. Wish I could have come with you. The girls look like they were having a lot of fun. Love the princess dress. They can both be princesses at Gwen's party.

  2. You have a boatload of goodies...luv all that milkglass!


  3. So, this is so weird, but I think that I may have gone to the sale that you bought that shutter thing at? Is it possible? I live in PA, Chester County...went yard saling on Saturday...did you find that shutter in a neighborhood off of 113?


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