Thursday, May 6

Have I gone crazy?!

Wait don’t answer that!
Look what I picked up last weekend. This piece has been hanging out in the antique shop down the street for 4 years! The first time I saw it is called to me and said you must take me home. At that time the price of 250.00 was just to much for me to pay, Every time I walked into the shop(which is often) I would see it and every now and then the price would be lowered just a bit. Then we though we were moving and I said my good-byes. How could I purchase another piece of furniture and take it to some unknown location where I may or may not have room for it?
Well you know what happened next or at least you can guess. :) We decided to stay and the price was lowered a bit more and then I had a coupon. So she finally came home for 120.00! Now I need to decide how to fix her up, as her counter is a bit damaged and she is missing a shelf.  The top cabinet hangs on the wall and the leaded glass is in excellent shape. All the drawers pull out smooth, and the two square ones are metal inside. Written on the back are these words, For Dr. Clymer, Philadelphia, sugar, bread, two corner shelves. This was obviously a custom piece as she is almost 4 feet wide.
007 I can’t wait to return her to her former glory, she just has to wait in line.

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  1. Oh my, kitchen cabinets with history. I cannot wait to see how this goes but they already look near perfect. Jane F

  2. What a cool piece and so special to have the history written on the back. I can't wait to see how it looks when you're done with it!

  3. I love that piece! I wish we had some neat antique stores around here, but most of the things wer have are junk or overpriced.

  4. It looks like it belong in my kitchen. My kitchen is mostly original, built in 1952 and are identical to your piece with the white (well, off-white) color, the handles, and hinges. I am inlove with the craftsmanship of my cabinents. My lazy susan in the corner works better after almost 60 years than new ones in the store.

    I have had to take apart the penisula that came off the side to make room for the dishwasher. My husband has not thrown out a single piece of the cabinetry. In fact he use the drawers from the penisula to make another cabinent, after I had to replace the original stove.

    What a joy to see other pieces that are floating around.


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