Wednesday, October 7

When in Rome...

Miles loves Roman history and decided way back in May that he wanted a "Roman" birthday party. At first I wasn't sure about the idea but it was SO much fun to put together! Miles loved it and had a blast. My mom made him a tunic and a toga with the purple edge which stood for the senate(or wealthy Romans). I found a pair of strappy sandals in the girls section for his shoes. A belt and dagger completed his costume.

In his tunic and toga.  For the cake we couldn't decide on anything that was to difficult to make or stood for something rather evil. So eventually we went with a picture of some of the architecture. I piped the image of the Constantine Arch.
Not my best work but it was so last minute!

Cutting the cake with his dagger.
We dined on pillows around the coffee table. I served food that would have been eaten back then but sightly updated, for example we had cheddar cheese instead of sheep and goat. Boiled eggs were common but usually cooked in wine, and for the chicken I used rosemary instead of coriander and cinnamon. I also served pita bread sipped in yougurt. Yummy! I also had almonds and olives, but no one ate any of those.
All of the boys thought it was so much fun to eat with their fingers on the floor! With his dagger that was supposed to be plastic, but when it arrived it had a rather sharp stainless steel blade!
I am now an expert at toga wearing and feel like I took a course on Roman history. Who knew birthday parties could be so fun and educational?!

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  1. A little boy's true delight! The fact that it was educational is just icing on the cake. Way to go Mom!

  2. Bekki, It looks like so much fun! Miles looks so "Roman" just like a boy in the olden times. The table looks so nice, you should eat that way more often!

  3. Bekki, Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party. This is such a creative theme! The cake turned out great and I think the architecture is perfect! I love the education spin you added to this - the food was so well thought! Great job ~ love all the details!

  4. I just love it when the kids pick a party theme that is something they are really interested in and passionate about. Good job for going with it, even though it was obviously a lot of research. I love the dinner and the pillows around the table! Just perfect!

  5. Hi Bekki - I'm featuring your party tomorrow. Stob by and grab a featured button if you like! Thanks for joining the Celebration Party!


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