Friday, October 9

A Finished Project

Remember this? I bought it back in June for 10.00 at a yard sale.

I finally finished it last week!! YAY! A project done! I added feet and painted it black, leaving the back unfinished. I gave my Mom back the bookcase We had been borrowing and replace it with this piece. It is a bit bigger so it holds more of our growing collection of books. I just need to get rid of that one white spine on the third shelf! It's driving me crazy!
I got the slip covers for the chairs and a coffee table. I just need a slip cover for the ugly blue sofa in this room and it is ready to go. As soon as that is done I'll take pictures. I even took down the family picture and put up a painting so you don't see it first thing when you come in. It's gotta look like someone else could live here now. We are almost ready to put it on the market, hopefully one or two weeks worth of work left!
Anyone want to paint trim?


  1. Bekki, It looks fantastic! It looks so much better painted black. It is so nice that you can make a beautiful bookshelf out of such an ugly one. I agree about the white book.

  2. It's beautiful. You are certainly doing your "staging" homework. I love the bookcase, but I'm in agreement about the white book, too.

  3. ha! i didn't even notice the white book until you pointed it out :) VERY nice job though, incredible transformation. where did you get the feet? is that something that you could grab from any local hardware?

  4. WOW! Looks like it belongs in a showroom. :) Good job!

  5. That is a fantastic makeover! Well done. That bookcase for $10.00 (and some elbow grease) was a great deal.

  6. Love it! And, a great price to boot!

    We're in the process of trying to sell our house.. Yuck! We're in Michigan so I doubt it'll go anytime soon :( So sad.

    I hate keeping the house perfectly staged on a daily basis though! So hard with littles running around!


  7. Wow, that looks gorgeous! So glad you did the back a different color. Makes it look very classy.

  8. I LOVE black painted furniture! This shelf looks fantastic. It has a new lease on life! Great job.

  9. It looks great! I love the arch of that bookcase and how you have your books displayed, very nice and neat.

  10. Looks lovely... I'm on a black furniture kick too.

  11. It looks great! I love the color. Very nice!



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