Monday, September 28


After 8 long months of not knowing if we were going or staying a decision has been made. We are moving to Princeton, New Jersey in November(hopefully). David accepted the position this morning and will be officially hired after the drug screen and background check.

We made a last minute road trip to Princeton on Sunday to visit a church some of our friends who used to live there recommended to us. We really liked it, the people were friendly, the preaching was good and there are lots of home school families. We will try out the other two churches they also told us about and figure out which one is closest to where we might live before we make and final decisions.

Our plans as of today are to rent an apartment and move our things slowly, unless our house sells fast and we find the perfect house up there. We don't see this happening due to the economy and the price of housing in New Jersey. I am rather picky in what I want and David wants land for his garden and a house that needs no work done to it. I see us building again at some point.

Who knows, for now I am just getting this house ready to sell. I have some siding to wash, yard work to be done, and a front door that needs some attention. Inside there are walls and windows to wash, some painting that needs to be done and a laundry room that still isn't finished. I think I also might pack up some of the toys to try and keep down the mess and make it easy to clean up at a moments notice.

It is SO nice to have an answer to our waiting. We are excited to see where God is leading us as we move again. Hopefully we will stay put for a LONG time!


  1. Bekki, I'm really sad to see you guys go, but I suppose PA's loss is NJ's gain! Anyhow, glad you know where you're going and I'll be excited to see how God uses you where He plants you next.

  2. Bekki, I am so glad the decision has been made. I'll be praying for your move. Love, Mom


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