Tuesday, August 4

Home again

Well I am back from my weekend scrap booking. I got lots of new paper and embellishments, tons of ideas, and about 20 pages in some stage of completion. I had a fabulous time with friends and the time away is so refreshing. I am ready to get back to reality even if it takes a couple of days. I've been catching up on laundry, dishes, and other housework since I've gotten back and haven't photographed any of the finished pages yet. I hope to get to that tomorrow after our lessons in the morning.
The children had a blast while I was gone. They went swimming, hiking, biking, played put-put, slept in the basement, and had ice cream and grilled steak for dinner. While they were glad to see me on Sunday evening Owen asked when I was going away again so he could have another fun time with Poppa. I love that is is a treat for them when I am gone as they have a Poppa vacation.

I'm not sure why Miles has this basket on his head or even why he's eating dinner with it on.
He made his Poppa proud when he decided to try a jalapeno pepper. I don't even eat those things they are to hot for me!

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