Thursday, August 27

The greatest story ever told

Sometimes my children amaze me.
They do something that is completely unexpected.
Like this :

Miles decided to recreate his favorite scene from the Bible
The amazing part? While describing it to me he pretty much quoted the entire passage of scripture from memory. Those Lego people were bartering for Jesus clothes, poking a spear in his side, weeping and crying, wearing a crown of thorns, and asking for forgiveness.
This boy of mine can't remember how to count to 100 or add 7+6, but he remembers every sotry he has ever read, expecially his favorites, and this one is the best.


  1. You have taught him the most important thing he will ever need to know.

  2. Hey Burts!
    This is so awesome Becki, what a proud mama you must be. What creativity he has and clearly this most important testimony ever given, is on his mind and what a good thing that is at his young age, for when he is old, he will not depart from it. Way to go!

    I love their imaginations too... legos work just fine! :) Hope you're all doing well.

  3. how INCREDIBLE!!! What a treasure to know that he completely understands as Rhonda said, the most important thing he'll ever need to know!

  4. Love this story, Bekki! I almost cried.


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