Wednesday, August 5

The best of intentions

I had planned to photograph my layouts for all of you to see. Instead we spent 45 minutes wandering around the store in search of lost keys.

We are going camping this weekend so I needed to get the food we are taking with us. our second stop was Sam's club. This is always a fun stop as we get a pizza for lunch, read the books in the book section, get a cookie in the bakery and there are always food samples. The children love it! Everything was fine until I got back to the car. I unlocked the car with the button and went to turn the air on before unloading. I could not find my key! I had all the other things on my chain except for the car key, how is this possible? I went ahead and put all the cold things in the cooler, finished unloading, and searched the car for the key. Then we all went back into the store to see if it had been turned in to the front desk and walk around to look for it. It was nowhere to be found. Back to the car to look once more and call David to come and get us, thinking it's gone forever. Then I remember we only have one key, there is no spare, that one was lost long ago. David put a call into the dealer which just happens to be about 2 miles from where I was. We go back to the store for a potty break and to look one more time. Still no key. Back out to the car to get the vin number for David and Miles finds the key. Just like that. It was in the same spot we lost a library book in for three months. Under the seat behind the heating unit. How he saw it there, I have no idea. We get in buckle up and go straight to the dealers to purchase 3 spare keys. It never hurts to have more than one!

We finished up our errands and came home just in time to put some dinner on the table. Mabye I'll get to those layouts tomorrow. Of course who knows what tomorrow will bring...

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  1. Glad you...I mean Miles....found the key. Life has a way of throwing monkey wrenches in our path doesn't it. Getting the extra spares made was a good idea. I have a complete spare set. (I am always loosing my keys....I have a hook on my fridge and everyone knows if you see mom's keys laying around put them on the hook.) :O) Hope you have fun camping!


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