Monday, August 24

What we did Saturday

Fordhook Farm is a Burpee seed company research farm. They open it up to the public a couple of times a year. We just can't get enough gardening. After making the last minute decision to go we had a great time and the rain stopped right before we got there. It was beautiful and lots of fun!
Ever seen one of these? Its a hydrangea of some sort. So pretty!

The girls kept stopping and posing for pictures. Who could resist?!

The Farm from the pond and lower gardens.

Spring house ruins.
So many varieties of flowers to look at.
Interesting sculptures

This one was welded together from old letters. The children called it the alphabet ball.

These sculptures are supposed to represent seed germination, but the children thought they looked like dinosaur eggs.

The boys.

All of the little monkeys at the pond garden.
Another sculpture, I loved this one with the water falling out of the leaf. I can't believe that I don't have any pictures of the kitchen garden! They grow so many different varieties of vegetables. It was fun to get ideas for next years garden!

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  1. Wow, what a great place! I would love wander around there all day. I wish I could transplant it to my yard!


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