Wednesday, June 10

Strawberry picking

Due the the never ending rain we seem to have here this month we had to pick on Saturday. I tend to avoid places on Saturdays they are always so crowded and not as much fun then. The only benefit was that David would be able to come with us. Little did I know how nice that would be! I have always picked during the week so as not to interfere with our time together, it takes a long time with 4 children, although every year it gets easier as they pick more and more. What I experienced this time was wonderful, when someone needed something David was there and I never had to stop picking! I have never gotten my baskets filled so fast! 40 pounds in one hour and we had so much fun, even if the fields were muddy and the berries a bit wet. We then went home and made jam. 50 pints this year, I hope it lasts 'til next!


  1. The guys and gals look like they can't wait to eat that jam. You even had time to take a picture! The strawberries look so....good.

  2. That is the most delicious photo of strawberries EVER! Where do you go for pickin??
    Hey, you know I really love Strawberry Jam, in fact, the only one in my house that eats it...Sooooo, if you feel like sharing? I can be reached at church on Sundays! lol

    I love your family and really miss our small group family gatherings too ;(


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