Tuesday, June 2

May 30th

Over the weekend we worked in the yard again, but not until I went to a few yard sales first! I just can't resist, especially when my neighbor drives up and offers to drive to them! We only went to one subdivision sale as we didn't have much time. I still managed to buy a used bicycle for 20.00 with a custom gel seat for comfort, and an antique rake. I am thinking of hanging the rake in the laundry room to hang wet towels on while they are waiting to be washed. The bicycle we have been looking for so we can all ride as a family, David was very happy with this purchase!

While I was out David managed to dig up the bushes the neighbor is giving us and bring them down the hill! I have instant landscaping and the bushes look so nice! They are planted on the south side of the house, where everyone can see them and they soften the hard lines and ugly heat pump. I will eventually edge this area with stone when I build the wall in the front yard and plant some perennials in front of them. I am thinking of putting shutters on this side of the house to match the front and give a bit more curb appeal.

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  1. This looks nice, what a quick way to spruce up the yard. Good price too!


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