Wednesday, June 3

June 3rd

What does one do when there are not enough rooms for the children during rest time? This has been an issue for a while. I keep trying different arrangements. Boys in one room, girls in the other. One on my bed, one on the sofa, and one in each room. Each one of those scenarios has its problems. Someone always wants to get up before its time, or talk, play with toys, or they fall asleep where I need to be. So the solution I keep coming back to is stick one in the bathtub! I know, I know it's a bit strange, but the bathtub is so big and quite comfortable with a layer of blankets. It has become the prized place to nap/rest around here. EVERYONE wants to sleep in the bathtub!


  1. that is just priceless! so funny and quite resourceful (i think)

    great photos!

  2. good solution! We struggle finding enough places dark enough to sleep - my peeps are so overtly light sensitive!

  3. My brother used to have to sleep in the bathtub when we went camping (in the RV). He hated it! They would let him fall asleep in one of the beds and then after he was sleeping sneak him into the bath tub. He always woke up furious. Hmmm, go figure! Looks like it's working better for you! :)


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