Thursday, June 11

Box Day!

Our school book order came in! Fiona will be starting Kindergarten this year so it's her turn to sit on the boxes.

Some of you have asked what curriculum we are using this year. This seems like a good time to address that question.
After much thought and prayer we chose Sonlight core 1 for science and history. We will be studying creation to the fall of Rome. I also purchased the read out loud list, as it ties in to the history study.
For Math, Phonics, and Health we are using Alpha Omega Press, Horizons. This has worked well for us since Miles started school and for some reason my children LOVE workbooks.
I also purchased the Draw, and Write Through History series for art and a pile of Lamplighter books for more reading. One can never have enough good books around!
I am now taking the next 3 weeks to plan the school year and we will get started on July 6th!
I always get so excited when the new books arrive everything is so crisp and new.


  1. Fiona in Kindergarten! They are growing up way to fast.

  2. how exciting, I've got two more boxes of books I'm waiting on to arrive and then I'll have all mine too! Isn't it SO Fun to get the new years worth of books!!!

  3. there is an award for you on my blog!

  4. Love Sonlight. Will this be your first year with them?



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