Tuesday, June 30

Goodbye June

These summer months just seem to fly by! We are always busy doing something, even if its sitting on the porch watching the rain which we've had a lot of this month. The days are warm, the sun is shining and there are no school lessons for a while. Carefree and full of adventure, even with all the uncertainties the future holds.
Once again we might be moving. Yes, it has always been a possibility but with no interviews we were content to wait out the merger of Pfizer and Wyeth. Then last week two job opportunities opened up. One in Princeton, New Jersey and one about 30 minutes west of here, both just out of reach for commuting for any length of time. David will be interviewing in the next couple of weeks and once again we will be faced with some tough decisions. I am not ready for this, but I will do it because that is what I am called to do.
If we move I am ready, I know what to do, this will be the third time moving to a new state, finding a new church, making new friends, fixing up yet another house. Some if it is always exciting, sitting around discussing what type of house, how much land, what not to do that we learned from the last move, exploring a new area, finding a new church, making new friends, but in reality its hard, hard to explain to the children they have to leave people behind, make new friends, and learn new places. Hard to leave the memories you have created and where your children were born(only one this time).
So with all these thoughts swirling in my head, I am choosing not to dwell on it or think about it to much. I'll leave that to David and continue with life here; for now. when we have to make decisions I will be ready and we can do that together with prayer.


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