Tuesday, August 3

While I was gone...

008 My pumpkin grew and was harvested with perfect timing as I had just used up last years harvest. We still have about 10 more in various stages out there. This is a good year for pumpkins in our garden!003 My Fiona learned to ride her bike. My husband suggested that she should try to ride so she went out and got her bike and helmet and went over to the parking lot to wait for him. Apparently she got tired of waiting and just started riding without help. Then called out to him "Poppa I'm riding"! I snapped a few pictures today and you would never know she has only been riding for two days.

I managed to get quite a bit done while I was gone at the scrapbook convention. I took a stack of half-finished layouts with me to work on and did a couple of new pages. I hope to get some pictures of them tomorrow. First I needed to get some sleep and put the house back in order.

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  1. Lovely pumpkin, really nice shape.Yeah Fiona! I knew she could do it. It is really amazing how quickly they learn when they are ready.(Hello Kitty meets Barbie!)


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