Wednesday, August 11

My two front teeth

It's round three of the toothless grins around here! Fiona lost both of her front bottom teeth at the same time! She was quite excited to start her collection of gold dollars and drink out of a straw without opening her mouth. She's heard enough about it from her brothers! Unfortunately she got my genes and is missing two or three permanent teeth so this is the start of a lot of dental work. We haven't told her that yet, we're just letting her be excited about this stage of growing up.042 Please note the black eye. I waited a few days to take this photo. This is a good reminder of why one should never throw rocks and especially not through freshly hung sheets when you can't see where they are going!


  1. Tell Fiona I want to see her gold dollars when I come to visit. (Was that Owen that threw the rock?)

  2. No, it was the neighbor boy up the hill.

  3. I showed this to Hannah- she's just about to lose her first (and I think she's a bit nervous about whether it will hurt.) Funny thing is, she has a black eye too. But she was startled and turn around and ran into a hog panel/gate she left open.

  4. Adorable!!! Congratulations Fiona! They grow up to fast!

    OUCH with the eye!

  5. Not this neighbor boy up the hill! (just to be more specific of course:)


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