Friday, August 6

Evening entertainment

My sweet angels, so kindly letting me take some evening photos. 003006One must always make the warrior pose at some point.002And not to be outdone boy two makes sure to add another level of silliness. Doesn't everyone put grass in their toes!? 005Then suddenly we moved into live wrestling competitions on the front lawn. Free for all who wish to view. 010Now it's a battle to the death. With boy one in the lead018Wait what is this. A secret weapon? 013 I will help you, He's pinned!014Oooo! let me pose for a minute for the camera, glamour shots are so fun.012Then in a split second boy two is declared the winner of the round. 019  Repeats are tomorrow evening same time same place. :)


  1. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun. The grass in the toes is a great idea.

  2. The narrative was perfectly funny with this post... lol
    love those kiddos!

    thanks for your comments on my blog, I'll keep everyone posted about class details later this fall!! Appreciate your support :)


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