Thursday, July 29

Week in review

This has been one crazy week! It all started out with 100 ears of corn early Saturday morning. By Monday morning I had frozen 26 pounds of corn, made a batch of ketchup, a batch of BBQ sauce, 2 chocolate zucchini cakes, 10 quarts of beans, and a potato salad for my husband to take to on office luncheon. It all made for one busy weekend. When the garden grows it makes one tired Momma!
This week the children are at Vacation Bible School. This has left me with 3 hours of time every morning. So I decided to tackle the never ending project. Remember this hutch?
It is now 3/4 of the way done. I still have the 4 doors and the top do. There just wasn't enough space to work on everything at the same time. But at least there is progress!  I really can't wait to see it all finished, it's been sitting around forever!
And just because I could I started another project. :) At least this one was easy. The chalkboard in the school room needed painting due to scratched so  I worked on that also. I also decided to make it magnetic with the magnetic primer they sell. I can't wait to use it with our spelling lessons!
  And here is another project I partially finished. Do you see a trend? This is why I own a shirt that says Queen of unfinished projects! You can see where it is just pinned to the table. I want to get some trim and then attach it properly. At least for now it looks so much better that looking at all the junk that is under the table in my scrapbook room.
And just to show you that I do finish some things eventually. This is a plant stand I painted back when David was on a business trip. I decided to put it in the dining room. It adds a nice dimension to the otherwise boring corner. When I get everything put together I'll take some better photos and reveal the whole room.
017 Now I am off for a three day scrapbooking retreat and some rest.
See you on Monday!


  1. I gasped at the brilliancy of a self above the chalkboard!!!! LOVE it, STEALING it (the idea, not your shelf), storing those things that mysteriously vanish within days of purchasing on it!

  2. Great projects! And I'm encouraged that I'm not the only mom with lots of things started but not finished!

  3. Love the skirt on the scrapbook table. The hutch looks nice, maybe it will be done by the end of August. If not I can help you when I come.


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