Tuesday, July 6

My new toy

Look what came in the mail today!! I can't wait to play with it and laminate all the things we need for school. I have been busy planning the year out and working on workboxes for the children. If you haven't heard of the workbox system you can read about it here.
I am planning a modified version as I don't have room for all of the boxes she recommends using. I'll share it to you when I have it completed. I spent the day tearing out all of the lessons from the children's workbooks and filing them per week in those folders you see in the bottom of the picture. I tear them out for many reasons.
1. The children can print better without having the binding in the way.
2. Miles gets overwhelmed seeing all the work that must be done, even if he knows it doesn't have to be done all in one day.
3. I can keep one of them from working so far ahead they loose to much in retention and end up needing to repeat.
4. It is easier to fill the workbox "folders" with a torn out pace that the whole workbook.
I am feeling much better today and was able to get things caught up around the house. Even Fiona noticed as she said I was walking straight now, where as of yesterday I looked like a little old hunchback as it was to painful to stand straight.
Tomorrow I am going to tackle the history and science lessons. We'll see how far I get.


  1. I was thinking about doing the "box" thing too. The more organization the better! Plus Brendan just thrives under structure and lists and rules. It will be right up is alley! Still haven't ordered my next year yet, though. We are finishing up our last week this week...but I'm already getting excited for all the new stuff!!

  2. hey! I just stumbled over here today - had to comment because we started 'workboxes' this past year and LOVE it! it worked so well for us (a modified version for us as well). i'll put a workbox post in my comment thing so you can find it. We use IKEA trofast and the boxes are kinda big so sometimes we'll put more than one assignment in each box. Can't wait to see what you do!


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