Sunday, June 20

Weekend recap and planning


I spent the day yesterday weeding the herb garden. I was working hard to get it done before my husband left for his business trip. I wanted all the outside work caught up as much as possible so I can work on inside projects while he is gone. While we miss him when he is not here and count the days until her returns, I don’t have to cook dinner in the evenings freeing up my time for projects!. The children and I will eat dinner at noon and then have a light supper of sandwiches or soup. Something easy to clean up. I have so many things I want to get done in the next 4 days! I have a door to paint, a craft room to clean, art work to frame, a hutch to paint, and a garage to clean. I know there is no possible way I will get it all done but I will try! Especially the things in the Master bedroom since I can make all the noise I want and not disturb my husband’s sleep. There has to be some benefit to these business trips. Thankfully he only takes one or two a year. If it was more I am sure I would feel differently about them.

Today for father’s day everyone took a nap or read quietly and then I make my husband’s requested dinner of meatloaf, home canned green beans, fresh onions, and cornbread. I normally don’t cook on Sunday’s so that made it extra special. He received his present of a new ax and hatchet on Friday since two of the children told him about his gifts. Little stinkers, they were just to excited to wait.

I am so thankful my children have such a good Poppa!


  1. I'm so glad to see my little stinker isn't the only one who can't keep a secret! He told hubs about his gift about 5 minutes after we got it home! Oh well, it was funny.

  2. Sounds like a nice fathers day. A nap, favorite food and sharp tools. Just what a dad needs!


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