Monday, June 21

Ice Cream for dinner

Being the first night my husband is off on his business trip I thought something needed to be done during the hour he is usually arriving home. Distraction always works wonders at these moments and the first night is the worst. So we went to the dairy and had ice cream for dinner. Yes, this practical eat your vegetables, we only have desert once a week Momma took my children on the best unexpected outing. They had a blast picking out their favorite flavor, and eating ice cream while watching the cows in the barn. It took the sadness away a bit and they have something exciting to tell their Poppa when he gets home.
Although my practical eat your vegetables, sugar is bad for you son insisted on toast and apples for a bedtime snack. :) I read the last chapters in Little House On the Prairie while they ate and bed time went smoothly. I am off to get something accomplished!


  1. Yum, Yum, sounds like a good thing to do. Hope you get lots done tonight. Don't stay up all night!

  2. I remember my mom doing that with us as kids. Also, when department stores used to sell popcorn...sometimes we would do that. =0) Thanks for the reminder, I've got to plan for some nights that my hubby will be away.


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