Friday, June 18

From the Garden and other things


This week we have been enjoying the new potatoes from the garden. It is so nice to go out and dig up our supper! I used some in potatoes with ham and peas, mashed some to go with baked chicken, and roasted some in Italian seasonings. We can’t get enough of their sweetness!

I have also been working in one of the flower beds in the front yard. We planted a new tree last month, and I finished up the mulching this week. Now to get some more plants and fill it in a bit more.  The plants in the pots are little peach trees my husband is growing.

022 This is currently what the front of the house looks like. I have little gardens on either side of the walkway. This one runs into the stone wall and raised bed we are starting. It’s currently full of composting grass so hold your nose if you come to visit. :)  When the soil is high enough and rich enough we will add some shrubs and flowers, and perhaps the window box for some extra curb appeal.029 This is to the right of the front door. We hung the bell right before we went on vacation. Now I don’t have to yell for the children to come inside. It will save my voice this summer. Pardon the rocking chair, she is a work in progress, even if she looks a bit tired, I assure you she is still quite comfortable, just kick the mud boots out of the way. 023 Every garden needs some friends don’t you think? 024  Ignore the clover in the yard. Someday we might get grass to grow. It’s rather hard when most of the soil is full of gravel, one of the problems with new construction. I do hope to paint the front door this year. It was never painted right to begin with and is starting to peel. Overall it is starting to take shape and look like all those ideas in my head. 028  I went to the goodwill and picked up a few new treasures today too.032It has been a good week with no school to teach, and no big plans. I finally packed away all the camping gear after washing it all and am ready for the weekend. I hope to tackle the herb garden next or perhaps one of the many projects I have going on. We shall see!

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  1. Everything looks nice. I like the bench on the front porch, the perfect place for it. The bunnies are so cute. I bet the girls like them. I'll bring some more plants when we come up in August.


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