Sunday, June 27

A finished project

What a week this has been! With my husband out of town I decided to tackle a few projects. Out of the 6 I started I only completed one and am still finishing up the others. Due to a gas leak in the house my husband had to come home early and that threw off my whole schedule! Oh well it was nice to have him back a day early!
007 One of the projects on my list is this old door I found on the side of the road. It was lying in freshly cut grass when I found it and the finish was ruined. It also smelled like musty old basement.  So I painted it, distressed it, and glazed it. I wanted it to look old.
108 So much better! it really lightens up this little corner of the master bedroom. One more project checked off the list. Now to work on the other five I started…109
Sharing this with Donna at funky junk interiors.


  1. Only 5 to go? You're doing awesome! :)

    Great door! And you are so right. A lighter door can really do an amazing job at lightening areas that can benefit from it. Yours looks great!


  2. It looks awesome! I really like it.

  3. Love the colour of your walls there, can you tell me what it's called and the make please? Thank you!


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