Friday, October 31

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Farmer's Daughter today. It's a little farm market down the street. They always have the prettiest decorations and the weirdest pumpkins! Ever seen anythign like these before? They look like brains! I love the way the vines look rotting in the fields all twisted and empty.
We filled up a wagon full of small pie pumpkins after I gave the children a ride of course. They loved going down the hill on the bumpy gravel.
They have a snoopy themed pumpkin patch. Fiona and Gwen ran around to each cut out and posed. Of course Snoopy is everyone's favorite. Someday I will let them actually watch the movie, they still don't know it exists. Fiona picked a lovely green pumpkin to hold for her photo. She said she likes the shape.
Owen didn't care as long as he could hug it. Gwen thought they might have the plauge or something. Took a bit of convincing to get her to even hold ot like this.
Miles picked the biggest ugliest pumpkin to hold. I like this one better. He's helping my pick the pie pumpkins.
We had a great time and got a great bargain. It pays to go at what is the end of the season. We filled a wagon for the all you can carry price. I have 13 small pumpkins and they threw in 3 medium sized ones for the children. I also got a fairytale pumpkin, its supposed to be meatier and good for cooking with. And I thought I was done with storing food. I promise this is the last of it, I am so ready to be done!

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