Wednesday, October 8

My first post!

Well here we go, I thought I would start this to keep track of the stories of our lives. I sometimes feel as if things are moving so fast I am going to forget it all. Having 4 children can do that to you.

Today was one of those days. Woke up way to late on to little sleep, ran around trying to get to co-op on time. Got stuck behind the school bus anyway. Then I somehow managed to hit a trash can and shatter the passenger side window all over myself and Fiona. Poor thing was terrified and covered in glass. There was no where to pull over so we just kept going. Thankfully we were not cut but now we have to find money to pay for it and take the time to clean it up. The time that I had planned on napping.

Instead I grabbed a soda on the way home and then spent the afternoon washing more applesauce off the kitchen floor. As if 2 hours last night wasn't enough. I should say that I have 78 quarts of applesauce set aside for the winter and that does make the scrubbing worthwhile. I just left the car to deal with later.

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