Monday, October 20

Bad Hair Day

So I think the story goes something like this...

Fiona and Owen were playing quietly in the girls room. I came upstaris to put them all to bed, and noticed a trash can with two pairs of sissors and some gardening gloves in it. I thought that was rather strange but I just put everything away and went about my buisness. This morning I was in the school room putting in a flat extension cord when Miles pulls out from underneath the credenza a large clump of hair. Thats when it all clicked. Fiona had cut her hair AGAIN!!!!!!!

Finding the hair hidden under the furniture gave me a pretty good idea she know she had done something naughty. I really don't know how I missed seeing it for half the day.

This was not the nice stylish angled cut she did at 2 1/2, no this a hack job, pure and simple. So after taking these before pictures off to the stylist we went.

I was so upset knowing we would have to cut of at least 4 inches. Fiona has such beautiful hair I knew it would be hard. What I didn't expect was how much older it would make her look. I am NOT ready for that.

She does look rather cute don't you think???


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Every single friend I have that has a girl has had this very thing happen. One of my friends' daughters cut off her little 3-yo friend's entire pigtail once!
    She looks darling with her new short do, but you are right.....she had such beautiful hair!!!
    See you soon

  2. Hi! I tagged you on my blog.
    Kelly started it!
    Check it out on my blog....


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