Saturday, November 1

Young Voters

This evening David and I were discussing the upcoming election. Miles and Owen have been learning the history of voting and the importance of of the event in our counrty. Sitting in the living room Owen was writing the canidates names on a piece of paper and the asking Miles which one he was going to vote for and then circling the answer. They chose McCain as I am sure they have heard his name a lot more around our house than the other one. Owen made flags with "MuKun"s name on them and then they proceded to parade around the house repeating "vote for Mccain". Seeing another teachable moment we stopped them as asked them why they chose McCain, telling them everyone needs to have a good reason why they choose the person they want to be president. The responses were hysterical.

Miles: "I know, because it(his name) has a cane in it and you need a cane to go hiking and camping.

Owen: He wanted to have the same answer as Miles but we told him it was important to have your own reason and not just do what everybody else does. So his answer was "because you need a cane when you are old and we love old people.

So that was our laugh for the evening, I hope you get a chuckle out of it too. Oh and here is a photo, did you think I would just use words? :)

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