Wednesday, November 19

Owen's Birthday

Owen had his 6th birthday party yesterday. He chose a lego theme this year. It was a really fun theme to work with. We had a lego building contest, lego brick cake, and everyone took home a small lego set. The cake took me much longer than I thought it would to make. It's not may best cake but Owen liked it, and thats what really matters.
Owen gets very shy when he is the focus of attention and usually does something silly. This year was no exception. After we finished singing he decided to not blow out the candles.
So everyone is hollering blow Owen blow, he just sits there until I inform him that the wax is going to melt all over the cake. He then procedes to blow each one out individualy. It took forever but he had everyone in stitches. He is such the entertainer. Here is my favorite shot of him from the day.

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