Monday, November 17

Kitty Shopping

Today we went "kitty" shopping. After much pleading we have given in and decited to get a kitten. We will be picking it up from my parents next week. In order to be ready we needed a few things so off to the store we went. Fiona is the one who talked Poppa into the kitty, which was not hard for her to do. If it had been any one else I am not so sure it would be happening. Just wait until the other 3 figure this one out! Anyway it was so much fun to watch them discuss which type of litter box and what color it should be. Who knew it would spark such debate? We also got a leash and harness, I was going to get a collar but decided that they might choke the poor thing to death, Fiona wanted pink but the boys vetoed that and they compromised on red. As Miles put it, "pink is really red washed out". We then had to get a toy, and treats, just like Moochie has. Moochie being my Mom's cat and the reason Fiona decided she wanted a pet. I stopped at buying the bed hoping that I can make something, and actually get the kitty to use the bed instead of someone's pillow

Now we wait to bring kitty home. Everone is so excited!

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