Thursday, October 21

Canning season may be over...

...but there is still housework!018

Look what happens when when you don't do laundry for two weeks. I spent two hours last night folding and I'm still not finished. I am afraid this is what I let go when things get busy. I wash it, dry it, and dump it. It's not really a very good system and one of the things I am working of for next canning season. Housework went out the window. Now it's time to catch up, clean up, and put the laundry away.

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  1. it really is kind of nice to see that kind of craziness in your house. i've only ever seen it perfectly put together. i was just looking through the vision forum catlog last night and saw the book "managing a large family" (or something like that) and i thought...'i have to get that'...i don't even have a that big of a family (yet)! :)


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