Wednesday, January 20

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady seems to be the way things are going here. Every day something more gets crossed off the list. The laundry room is almost ready for paint, the dining room is actually useable again, and the pile for the good will keeps getting bigger. This past weekend I cooked up enough meals to last until the middle of March or a bit later depending. My goal is that the freezer will be empty and ready to move and I won't have to worry about what to eat when things need to stay clean, ALL THE TIME! not looking forward to that part of moving!

I drove over to New Jersey Sunday afternoon to look at a house. It was perfect, the yard, the kitchen, the bedrooms, everything except for the laundry room. I really had my heart set on a family laundry room space. The concept sounds lovely, such a time saver so I left the house with no intention to send David over to look at it. But the house would not leave me.

 I really thought through that laundry room issue. Having never had a laundry room fully functioning before there was so much to consider. I hang my clothes to dry outside most of the year. so that means I am all ready carrying them out of the laundry room anyway. I like a place to toss things I don't want to deal with. OK, I will have a garage and a basement if I want to ingore my piles. It will always be messy with piles of laundry in the hallway. Mabye, this could happen, but we limit how many items of clothing each child has, and dirty laundry is kept in the hamper upstairs, so it would only pile while I was washing it. Not a big deal really, I don't wash as much as I used to with limiting outfits. My children put their own laundry away, I just fold it, so I'm not carrying it upstairs anyway. I was beginning to see that I could live with it, if done right it will be just fine, expecially since the rest of the house if perfect!

Then our realtor called Monday and said there was an offer on the house and if we wanted it we needed to move quickly. You see this house was originally 130,000 more that the asking price, it isn't likely we will find something as nice for such a bargain again, expecially in New Jersey. David went to look at it on Tuesday morning and loved it, a little thing like a hall way laundry didn't bother him, the location is great, it has a lovely spot for a garden, is close to shopping and the train to Philladelphia and New York, has an awesome climbing tree,  beautiful detailing and nice big bedrooms. So we put in our offer.

Now we wait and pray! It could take as long as 10 days to find out if it is going to be ours. That doesn't stop me from planning though. If it is our house we will move in at the end of March. I'll keep you updated!

Edited to add: No 15 minutes after I posted this the realtor called and our offer was accepted. So now it goes to attorney review and until all papers are signed we can still get bumped by a better offer. Please pray!


  1. How exciting! Praying this is the house the Lord has for you! it is LOVELY!

  2. Well a tenative congratulations to you! What a beautiful home- no wonder you couldn't stop thinking about it.

    I can't even count on my hands the number of times I've moved the first 6 years of our marriage so I know how stressful it can be- praying that yours is as smooth as possible!

    The best advice I can give is when your husband says, "I don't know where it is- it must have fallen off the truck," don't fall for it. He's just making excuses and doesn't want to look for it. ;D

  3. What a beautiful home, Bekki! Praying the Lord will give you the desires of your heart -- a lovely, safe, sound home in which to raise and grow your precious family <3

    Hugs - kim

  4. Hi Bekki,

    It's been awhile since I've seen you! = ) Isn't it just AMAZING when a room gets "settled"? I've been doing that this past week...made it to 6 rooms, 5 more to go!

    The house looks SO LOVELY! May the Lord bless you abundantly as you walk out this season of you life!

    Good to see you again, my Blacksburg Friend!


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