Saturday, January 2

Cleaning house

These last couple of days I took down all the christmas decorations sorted through them, fixed anything broken, finished up a few projects for next year, and packed it all up in boxes. Extra carefully I might add so the movers won't break anything. Isn't is so pretty all piled in a heap?
Lovely to see it all organized and ready to go to storage in the basement.
So why does my dining room still look like this?
Well, I decided I really needed to go through ALL of my decorating things. So I piled  everything I own on the dining room table to go through and re-decorate and then get rid of things I haven't used.
Who knew dining rooms could be so useful for everything but eating?
And while I'm busy working on this project, here is a glimpse of what the children are doing.

"I'm playing 'puter Mommy."


  1. I love your decorations! We put ours away too!

  2. Sigh, If we could all be as organized as you are! What a creative kid you have. Gwen is such a cutie. Love, Mom


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