Monday, January 25


Our offer on the last house fell through. Another buyer came in and offered more and we decided not to start a bidding war. I wasn't as dissapointed as I thought I would be. Yes the house was lovely but it was not perfect. So we began our seach all over again. I can only be sure of a few things in this house search.

1. God is in control and he has the perfect house for us.
2. It's gonna take a miracle, and
3. my husband and I never agree on house stuff. :)

We went over to New Jersey yesterday to look at a couple of more houses, one was to small, and the other two were just plain scary! It just amazes me how rundown some people let their houses get. So we will keep looking and pray the perfect house comes available in our price range.

In the meantime I am going to take a couple days break from scouring the house listings, it just gets to be to stressful. Instead I am going to get out my spray paint and craft bin in the hopes of finishing a few projects, play games and bake cookies with my children, and forget about moving for a few seconds days.


  1. OH I am so sorry! I know how draining this whole process can be! Just know the Lord has the PERFECT home for you!

  2. I'm so very sorry to hear that!

    We went through nearly the same thing with our house- After having been on the market for ages with no bites, when we put in an offer, suddenly there were two. I was very upset, because my parents were really encouraging me to build a house on their property and I saw this as my opportunity to get out of it ;D (I was halfway through a pregnancy and didn't want to start building a house!) I was so happy to learn that the other buyer's financing fell through, they had offered too much, so the house was ours!!! So never say never, I guess.

    Taking a break sounds like a wise idea!!

    (Your pictures came yesterday- hoping to get that together and in the mail for you in the next day or so.)

  3. I am praying for the right house to come along!


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