Sunday, December 20

Snow Fun

Our first major snowfall! They say we got 18 inches, it's hard to tell with the drifting as it is more than that in some places. The children had so much fin playing in the now yesterday and today! I stayed inside as much as possible, I did venture out to take photos, but I prefer snow form the inside in front of a warm fire.

  I just love this photo of all of them together and all smiling and all looking at the camera. Now if I only would have checked my settings BEFORE I took it then the colors might actually be correct. My boys would not be caught dead with purple sleds, they are blue! I must learn photoshop!

Here are some more shots from the day.


  1. Oh your kids are so cute! It looks like they had a blast :)

  2. Bekki, So glad the kids could finally play in the snow. This is the best snow you have had since you moved to PA. The sleds look blue to me and dad.


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