Wednesday, December 16

Hard Candy Christmas

I love this song sung by Dolly Parton. It is my inspriation for my kitchen Christmas theme. Just the title, the song itself is rather depressing, but I like a good depressing song every now and then. The title Hard Cand Christmas got me thinking and that can be a very dangerous thing.(hehe)
Three years ago I strung gumdrops on string to put on top of my cabinets.  I wanted to have something that was cheap and easy to do. Well it was cheap but not easy!  I had blisters from pulling sticky string through each gumdrop, I knew I didn't want to have to redo them every year so I have been storing them in the freezer and it works great! This year I added the little tree inside the pickle jar. The old glass distorts is a bit but you can still tell its a tree. It's sitting on a base of sugar.

Jars with candy on the counter.
I have these two windows hung in my breakfast area and wanted to hang wreaths on them. When I saw the idea for the gumdrop wreaths I just had to make some!( I can't remember whos blog I saw them on so let me know so I can give them credit) They work perfectly to tie the kitchen together with this area and were so easy to make! I hung them from canvas strips I sewed together after wrapping it around the wreath and the belt buckle.

This is my cheap and easy idea for a decorative picture hanger. My screw was big enough to hot glue a button on and then the wreath is hung on the belt loop. It looks like I spent a lot of money on the hanger but I have had the buttons in my stash for over 10 years!
I just love looking at these every morning! So colorful and fun!

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  1. Bekki, I love the gumdrop wreaths and the hanger is perfect for them. The Christmas tree in the jar is a real cute idea. Come and decorate my house now.


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